What Type of Jewellery Should I Buy?

Well, Jewellery is the most elegant ornament that every age of people love to plan to buy and have in their wardrobe.

In the manner of personality and appearance, jewellery has a great place – complement one’s outfit to accentuate fashion style and make a bold personality statement to look elegant/show off, and more.

Buying jewellery is a job of satisfaction and emotion of ones’ happiness. People buy jewellery purposely differently.

Some buy for fashion style, some like to wear to show off, or some buy to gift others. But most frequent, jewellery most buying for wedding and engagement ceremonies.

When a task comes to buy jewellery – not everyone succeeds to buy over-all satisfying jewellery. Many people got confused in the cage (questions) like how to choose the best jewellery, where to buy jewellery, the types of jewelry to buy, and how to get the best deals on jewellery purchase.

If this sounds connected to you, this blog is worth reading. This blog equips the information and suggestions you need to make an informed jewellery decision, actively.

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Different Types and Kinds of Jewellery To Buy

The world of jewellery is beautiful, you will find one precious kind of jewelry for your look and at the same time for another, as well. The most popular types of jewellery to buy are:


Mainly in eastern countries, rings are a symbol of marriage that represents one engagement with others. Rings are the kind of jewelry that is significantly used to wear on the finger. Rings can be worn for magnificence, to show your social/conjugal status and furthermore for conventional purposes.

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Wearing bracelets has become a trend nowadays. Many people including young age had a Brillant craze to wear this kind of jewelry. Both men and women wear it for decorative purposes. They are available in various styles like links, hinged, and slip-on bracelets.


Pendants kind jewellery is a kind of must-have jewerly for women and girls. As pendants give you a unique feeling other than other types of jewelry. Also, for lovers, it’s the indication of love, relationship, and so on. Most people buy pendants to value their lifestyle, as a fashion accessory, or maybe trendy with time.

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No laying, necklaces are the heart of women…! Also it’s a way profound way to charm your look, beautifully. Many Indian women wear necklaces due to traditional values and norms. Shopping for gold and diamond type necklaces are much in demand, since for years.


There’s a difference between necklace and chain, the chain can be worn by women and as well as men, but necklace worn by women. It is a kind of jewellery you can wear on your neck, ankles, or wrists. Chains are available in different lengths, materials, and styles.

Look at some interesting statistics related to jewelry questions that asked by the people over the internet, all-time.

What type of jewellery is the most expensive?

Generally, going for the original ornaments, the necklace is one of the most expensive types of jewerly to shop for. Deeper, type-II diamond made necklace have worth in million dollars.

What kind of jewelry is the most popular?

According to the diamondnexus “Earrings are the most popular type of jewelry, round cut stones reign supreme and bigger is better”.

What type of jewellery should I buy?

It’s a broader question and the answer is so. If you want a piece of jewellery for everyday use you can go for ‘GOLD JEWELLERY’ because they do not corrode and are very strong.

If you’re buying jewelry for a social event, you can wear almost anything to social events, including your customized chains, elegant pendants, flashy bracelets, etc.

Buying jewellery for a formal event where you need to be very aesthetic and formal in choosing jewelry. You should wear insignificant gems for formal occasions. GOLD, DIAMOND, and other GEMSTONE are perfect accessories for formal events.

Prior to your richness and show wealth and class, you can buy gold accessories, platinum jewellery, gemstones, and several other accessories made from pure precious metal.

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Types of Jewellery Materials (Understanding Jewel Metal)

Let’s understand what materials are jewellery made with…! Commonly most people know gold and silver jewellery, but, it’s only half-truth.

The metal kinds regularly used to make jewelry include Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Silver, Tungsten, and Stainless Steel.


Gold is renowned for its luxurious and durability. And, many people in India buy Gold type jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and ankets. In wedding times, gold jewelry is the most common wear.


Silver is a shining white-color metal. It is less expensive than gold. Unlike gold, silver is more prone to oxidation, and it isn’t as rugged as gold.


Gemstones are used for various purposes and for making jewellery people love to buy gemstones material jewellery these days. Some of the beautiful gemstones popularly used in jewelry include Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Other Precious Metal

Above all, there is some precious metal left which are so-popular to buy and has leaf demand. Those are Platinum, Titanium, Palladium, Tungsten, and Stainless Steel.

How To Buy Jewellery That Doesn’t Disturb Your Budget?

Buying jewellery on a cheap – is a common perception of every people. As we all-knowing that buying gold, silver, and other kind jewelry is a high investment.

You have to pay high amount to buy jewerly for earrings, rings, and necklaces. Especially, when wedding times, the expenses go much higher than expectations.

Thus, here are some brilliant tips that may help you buying jewellery on a budget.

Set the Budget

It’s all start with your money. Make a good and feasible budget and start saving for that before three or four-month (minimum). Especially for engagement or wedding events, make your budget consistent and start saving before year or two.

Know your Metal – Diamond, Gold, Silver

What you love, is what you will pay for. If you love gold over silver due to features or may other reasons – go for it. Explore research on jewel metal, understand their benefits, offering, and advantages, and then finalize your favorite jewel metal.

Hit the Web or Store

You can instantly check for price, reviews, shop, rating, suggestions, and other guides going online. Find some reputable jewellery store if you can.

Ask price and Do Comparison

For instance, shopping for earrings jewellery in any mode of metal. Check their prices on different stores and do a comparison. Also, have a deep look at style, finishes, cut, shape, carate, and weight.

Do Bargain or Apply Coupons

Visting to an offline stores, you have a chance to bargain. It helps you in getting some money back and benefit you to not pay the whole price. While online, if have coupons or vouchers, you can use it to save some-sort-of-money instantly.

Shop On Right Time

Wait for good time, as you know the price of metal fluctuates every single day. So, wait for that time when the price got lower. This help you in saving and purchasing jewellery at a lower cost. Also, you can shop at seasonal times like big festivals such as Diwali, Rakhi, etc as brands offer discounsts and other benefits (which is a good deal).

Pay Online

You may get rewards while paying through digital sources such as credit card, UPI, wallet application, and others.

Bonus One! – Where To Buy

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