What Does Your Jewellery Say About Your Personality

What does your jewelry say about you? You might have stumbled upon this question at some point in your life.

Does your jewellery categorize you in a certain way and define your personality?

Yes, it does, just the way your dressing sense, your manner of speaking, and your other inclinations do. We live in a world of constant and speedy judgements. A glance at someone and numerous images pop up in our mind (too loud, classy, sassy, run of the mill), placing everyone we meet in a specific category, and jewellery styles, undeniably, are one of the factors that aid in the process.

Even if you do not understand your trinkets and can’t tell from one type of jewellery to another (Retro, Victorian, Art Deco), each one of us, certainly, have a particular set of people that we remember for their pieces of jewellery, it could be that gorgeous earring or that snazzy watch that we had spotted. For some, jewellery might be the last layer that we put while dressing up, but it’s much more that, it provides a sneak-peek into our individuality, our emotional space, our inclinations, and how we desire and choose to come across to people.

In this article, we list jewelry personality types based on different styles of jewellery-

The Classics

If diamond studs, tennis bracelets, or solitaires are your go-to jewellery, it’s the world of poise, elegance, and classic demeanour that would majorly describe you. This jewellery type radiates a certain amount of clout, precision, and calmness, with a lot of celebrities seen donning these tennis bracelets, and solitaires. They are all-time in, can go with anything, and perfect for people who are gentlemen and ladylike in their approach.

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The Minimalists

These are the people who don’t like putting on too much glitter; sleek, modern jewellery might be the eye-catchers for them. Such people are more balanced in their approach and tread carefully. An elegant watch, a simple bracelet, earrings, or a ring might be the perfect addition of trinkets to their everyday ensemble. Minimalists are balanced, stylish, low-key, and comfortable-in-their-own-skin kinds, ready to experiment when the need be.

The Cynosures

These are the people who always prefer staying in the spotlight, be it through their demeanour or their fashion accessories. Statement pieces like a gigantic ring, multi-layered pendants, a classic piece of the watch, etc. are their go-to pieces. Such people are confident and ready to leave their marks, no matter where they go. Such personality types are confident, independent, not afraid to be seen, and know what they want from life. They, surely, dress to impress.

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The Traditionalists

Pearls around the neck, a simple gold band around the finger, or a pair of studs, if combinations such as these, are your first pick when it comes to jewellery, you surely fall in the category of elegant traditionalists. Such people can never go wrong with their jewellery choices, and can always go a step up, as and when required. Such people are calm, focussed, confident, comfortable in their own skin, and are aware of the fact that beauty lies in simplicity.

The Nature Lovers

These kinds of people naturally gravitate towards jewellery that has got the essential essence of natural elements in them. Recycled jewellery, sea glass earrings, necklaces made with seashells, driftwood trinkets, turquoise bracelets, are the eye-catchers for such people and they naturally fall for the earthy elements. Such people love the feeling of earth, are warm, and teeming with life. In love with the hues of nature, you can find these people drawn towards tones like oceanic blue, jade green and the other shades of nature and just being around them can get you all chirpy and happy.

The Potpourri

Such people are vibrant and colourful like peacocks when it comes to their jewellery choices. You can spot them with colourful stones, more than one piece of statement jewellery, multiple chains with rings or earrings, or different metals jewellery. These people are vibrant, lively, confident, and are definitely not scared to experiment.

The Professionals

There are people who are very particular about their ensemble and how they present themselves. You can spot them dressed impeccably and careful about the metals they wear. A set of pearl jewellery, or a gold ring with a matching necklace and earrings, or a watch with matching metals for the bracelet or cufflinks, such people are organised, coordinated, responsible, and radiate a very professional aura. And therefore, it isn’t surprising that in the corporate world, professionals choose to wear metals and colour-coordinated jewellery letting their trinkets play their part.

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Antique and Vintage

Such people have a strong sense of personality, they don’t wear their trinkets just for aesthetical purposes, it’s the history that confounds them, the unique story that comes with each piece. Such type of personalities is drawn towards the world of history, heritage, cultures, and customs. They are interesting, and individualistic, with a remarkable taste for things, and just like their personality, their jewellery is as distinct as they are.

The Snazzy Ones

Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari, Harry Winston, and the likes of them, these are the people who seek only the best of everything, jewellery from luxury manufacturers, shopping at Saks Fifth, it’s the best of the best for them. Such people are defined with high self-esteem, they are meticulous, and pay a great deal of attention to everything in life. Working hard for their goals, they reward themselves with a similar measure, radiating an aura of confidence and clout.

The Rebels

These people are edgy, eccentric and nonconformists and their jewellery coincide with their personality type. Gothic rings, titanium steel cuffs, punk skull bracelets, spikes, etc., are a few of the examples of their go-to jewellery. Such people are genuine, raw, and somewhat fearless. They dare to dream and prefer freedom over unnecessary boundaries.

So, with these jewellery categories, you can decide what your style says about you and what your jewelry personality is. You might fall entirely into one, or fit into a couple or more, based on your jewellery type. No matter what your style is, we at Avarta Jewellery have got you covered, with numerous options of in-style jewellery in all categories. You can browse through our extensive collection of jewellery at Avarta Jewellery.

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