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I have got one common statement choosing a diamond or buying a real diamond goes straight to the study of 4C’s of a diamond – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Understanding the diamond basics is important as this helps in getting better scripts, pictures, and characteristics of a diamond, despite helpful in selecting, choosing, and buying a diamond Jewellery.

Agreed…! Of course

However, the diamond rate today is at a peak. Due to the day to day market fluctuate – the diamond price is hard to tell, indeed. But, you may calculate the diamond price using online calculator tools to get the exact cost estimation.

What Does a Real Diamond Look Like?

Well to know how a real diamond looks like – there are doubly ways to find it. You can ask your jewelry master or diamond shopkeeper to demonstrate how a real diamond looks like.

Or may, in case, you don’t have a mood to walk outside then probably you love the second option.

Most precious stones will uncover blue brilliance under a dark light; thusly, you’ll see a medium to a solid shade of blue, which implies the jewel is genuine. On the off chance that you don’t see the blue shading and rather observe a slight green, yellow or dim fluorescence then this normally demonstrates the pearl is definitely not a genuine precious stone.

Here’s a glimpse how a real or fake diamond look like – look below

Real or Fake Diamond

Diamond Buying Guide: How To Choose a Perfect Diamond

How to buy a diamond? How to identify a diamond? How to get more diamonds on choices? Is a common question when you are buying diamonds for engagement purposes, wedding occasions, or gifting.

So, here is an intuitive diamond guide for you. Read carefully and become a diamond buying expert.

1. Understand the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

Understanding 4Cs of Diamond

Understanding the 4C’s of Diamond will give you readily knowledge of diamond basic. Diamond is all-about and all-depend on Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. Let’s unlock the value and characteristics with the diamond quality guide.


Diamond Cut

Diamond-Cut doesn’t allude to a diamond shape, yet to the extent and course of action of its features and the nature of workmanship. The measure of splendor, shimmer, and fire in a precious stone is dictated by cut. Evaluations go from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor.’ To choose a perfect diamond cut – always go for an excellent sign.


Diamond Color

There is a direct relationship between diamond-color and diamond shape. This is because of the overall diamond’s appearance with the diamond’s price, will depend greatly on what diamond shape you’ve chosen. Deeper, diamond color grade goes from D to K (look the below image for detail). Generally, most diamond buyers go for G – Grade Diamond Colour.


Diamond Carat

Diamond-Carat alludes to a diamond weight. As a rule, the higher the carat weight, the more costly the stone. Two precious stones of equivalent carat weight, be that as it may, can have totally different quality and cost. Carat Weight goes from 0.50 C to 5.00 C. Moreover, most Indian buyers prefer to buy diamonds having 1 Carat Weight.


Diamond Clarity

Diamond-Clarity gauges the amount, size, and placement of inside ‘considerations,’ and outside ‘imperfections.’ Grades run from ‘Faultless,’ with for all intents and purposes no flaws, to ‘Included,’ which contain countless blemishes. There are various signs that signify the diamond clarity, out of that, the S11 mark is the best diamond in terms of clarity.

2. Choose Your Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape

Diamond has versatile shapes that perfectly showed its dilemma. When it comes to buying a diamond ring or any – diamond shape is the most crucial decision. I mean, there are various shapes available to buy and what you like and dawn to is crucial. In India and the US, the most popular diamond shape is round, off the chance, the demand is very high.

3. Choose a Certified Jeweller

Why is’ important is that you are thinking? I might so…! It’s important because a professional jeweler having certified accreditation can help you evaluate how knowledgeable he or she is and also assist you in every decision and task while buying diamond pendants or any.

Shopping online for diamond jewelry look for whether they are reliable store and hold any professional certificate like GIA. In case of offline, look for a reputable and authorized jeweler store.

4. Compare Similar Diamonds

When you’ve limited your favored specs for a precious stone, contrast similar stones with figure out which one to purchase. You’ll need to consider perspectives like how splendid the precious stone is if it’s eye-clean, and what the cost is.

5. Get an Expert Opinion

Having an expert review may add a trust of the word and ultimately help you buying a satisfying diamond. Get help from the Avarta team of experts which will give your diamond a close look to see if we recommend the purchase. It helps in shopping more confidence in what you’re buying.

6. Make The Purchase

Once you feel confident in your diamond, you are good to go to make the purchase. In case you slightly thinking off-the-ground (for a second) repeat this guide once again from start to end.

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In The End

At this point, buying a diamond, I mean real and perfect diamond is no problem anymore. With this extensively researched and lucrative guide on the diamond – I am sure, you have learned and become a diamond buying expert. So, Good Luck…!

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