7 Essential Pieces of Men’s Jewellery and How to Wear Them Properly

When it comes to jewellery, one rarely thinks of a man wearing one. It’s mostly a woman’s world with loads of options from head to toe. But that’s not the case today; men too, have started treading the territory with numerous jewellery designs available for men.

However, there is a thin line between appearing flashy and keeping it classic in the case of jewellery items, and if chosen wisely, apart from making you look gracious and elegant, you will get to build a significant collection of classic jewellery styles too, just like the ladies.oo, have started treading the territory with numerous jewellery designs available for men.

Jewellery might mean different things for different people, but when worn appropriately, it speaks volumes of our personality, of our liking, attitude and perspective. Imagine a person dressed up in a prim suit, a Rolex, and maybe a pair of diamond-studded cufflinks, and another donning maybe a jean with stackable bracelets, and a gold chain. They might not be too far away in terms of financial wealth, but their choices of everyday ensemble speak volumes of their personality.

In this article, we list a few essential jewellery pieces that will help you tiptoe into the world of jewellery before you are ready and comfortable to take your unique plunge.

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List Of Must Have Jewellery For Men

A Classic Watch

When one thinks of jewellery ideas for men, it’s a classic piece of watch that first crosses the mind. When it comes to choosing jewellery, no one can ever go wrong with watches, no matter your style and budget, you will have a range of decent options to choose from, each piece emanating its unique style.

Brands like Omega, Cartier, Rolex, etc., are classic, and timeless radiating grace and grandeur, no matter the event and your attire. You can collect different kinds for various uses like a statement piece, a sport or fitness watch, or a casual one for everyday use, and you will be good to go, in at least one aspect of your glitz game.

The Signet Ring

Radiating elegance, class, and prestige, signet rings are back in fashion and a great addition to your jewellery collection. If you want to keep it basic with your jewellery display and still want to make a statement, these rings undeniably make for one of the most classic jewellery pieces to own, and the best part, you can get them engraved with something meaningful to you.

If you aren’t comfortable going that road yet, a simple sterling silver ring will serve the purpose for you. They are safe and will never go out of style.

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Classy Cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the safest choices when it comes to buying jewellery for guys, and often go unnoticed as part of your ensemble, thereby, making them a safe zone to experiment. You can go the classic way with gold and diamond cufflinks, or experiment by flaunting an engraved pair or go for some unconventional designs.

Get your initials done or of a loved one, to render your little trinkets a warm sentimental emotion. They are essential in your collection, for they make you look polished and elegant by adding a final touch to your attire.

The Bar

Your ensemble has the power to create a powerful impression if you know how to do it right. We always remember people who dress up well, and tie bars certainly add to the list of accessories that amp up your outfit. Accessorizing your suit rightly can make you look neat, sharp, and suave, just make sure that your bar matches the other metals in your jewellery collection.

You can go for engraved bars or the classic gold depending on your taste and style; they surely are the young men’s modern piece of jewellery. Also, keep in mind the size of your ties while buying the tie bar, you don’t want it hanging over your tie or being wider than it should be.

You can also go for other accessories like clips, tacks, chains, and straps depending on your taste of material and type of necktie accents. They all serve the same purpose of keeping your tie in place, and switching amidst them might give you a little variety for your everyday look.

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Blazer Buttons

Blazers are stylish as it is, and you can still amplify your blazers’ look by opting for classic gold or silver buttons, over those already embedded brass buttons. They might not make for essentiality for some, but they undoubtedly are classic men’s jewellery. You can experiment by going for other stones like pearl etc., to further accentuate your look. Blazer buttons are safe, stylish, and handy for men who want to stay subtle with their jewellery display.


Necklaces, as a piece of male jewellery, are already popular with a lot of men. Everyone knows of a few people who might not be too fond of jewellery, but a gold chain is their everyday accessory. Necklaces are safe and easy to be worn, as you can keep them hidden or partially revealed, as and when you like.

Metals like gold and silver are classics and can amp up your otherwise basic outfits like a t-shirt and jeans. You can get your necklace engraved or go for chains in patterns like charm necklaces, pendants with religious symbols (worn by many), large link gold or silver chains, herringbone chains, ropes, and box links, etc.

Just go minimal with the number, and you can go for necklaces that are at least six-eight inches above your navel for a decent length.


Yes, you read that right, though bracelets might sound, to most, like a piece of jewellery reserved for women, that’s not the case, they are the only contender in men’s wrist jewellery and for a good reason. There is ample varieties available catering to your varied needs. And those who do not want to experiment too much on the jewellery front; they can always tiptoe towards the safe zone with basic sterling silver cuffs or brass cuffs.

Other jewellery choices are stackable bracelets, chain bracelets, leather bracelets, etc. You can get your bracelets engraved too, and pair it with a watch or ring to get more comfortable with the jewellery.

Now, we don’t want you to make those basic mistakes while flaunting your jewellery, so listed below is our guide to men’s jewellery to help you dress up appropriately.

A Few Tips To Remember When You Wear Your Jewellery

  • Go minimal and simple with your jewellery as there is a thin line between being classy or flashy.
  • Match your metals, i.e., if you choose to wear a gold watch, make sure that your belt buckle or tie bar match with the metal. The overall rule is to put on only one metal tone at a time.
  • It’s advisable to wear three main accessories at one time, for instance, a watch, cuff links, a ring or any other different combination as suitable.
  • Don’t put too many chains on the neck as stacking them throws off the look, making your neckline appear too crowded.
  • You can figure out your skin tone and choose your jewellery accordingly, for instance, figure out your undertone by looking at your skin in natural sunlight (preferably wrist), if you find your veins blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone and light metals like silver, platinum, white gold, etc., go best with this skin tone.
  • Choose jewellery in proportion to your body, for instance, if you have a wide neck, you should go for long necklaces.
  • Always keep in mind where to wear what kind of jewellery, i.e., you can’t go wearing a stud, or a leather bracelet to a business meeting, or wear a tie bar or lapel pin to an outing with friends, it will just mismatch your purpose.

Investing in the right kind of jewellery will not only embolden your collection but also stay with you till your twilight years as timeless classic pieces to cherish forever. Most of us will have that one statement piece to remember from our childhood, be it our father’s watch or our mother’s jewellery.

Striving to make each piece of the jewellery a memorable experience; artisans at Avarta work diligently to make timeless pieces for you, etched forever in the depth of your heart and mind. Browse through our extensive collection of men’s jewellery at Avarta.

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