The 8 Essential Piece of Jewellery Every Women Should Have

Most of us, as young girls, have peeked into our mother’s jewellery box with awe and admiration for those glittering trinkets. While growing up, we start to morph into our distinctive personalities, i.e., some of us develop a natural flair for creating a perfect ensemble on all occasions, and some of us end up scratching our heads, most of the times, over questions like-

What to wear? 

What would be the perfect combination for this outfit?

Where to wear this jewellery?

Am I over or underdressed?

What would be must-have jewellery in my case?

Just the way you have your signature dress or your go-to style that distinctively defines you, so you have your jewellery. Anything that involves our time, efforts, and money, is bound to have a special place in our mind, and heart. And jewellery very much involves all that. 

So, for all the ladies, we list a few essentials that will help you tread through your social, professional, and personal life, in terms of your jewellery items, without much ado. Having these pieces of jewellery in your wardrobe will up your accessory game, as, and however, you seek.

List of Essential Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own-

A Pair Of Diamond Studs

There is nothing more classy and classic than diamond jewellery. Having a pair of studs can help you walk through any kind of occasion, effortlessly. Be it your office meeting, a luncheon, a get-together, or a family event, you can easily flaunt your dazzling pair without another thought. Diamonds make you look classy and lady-like all the way. However, if budget is an issue, you can always go for cubic zirconium (CZ) as an alternate choice. They are easy on your pocket, and nobody would notice the difference.

Diamond studs are one of the best jewellery for women and a complete must-have in your list of essentials. You can wear it all day long and look elegant in all your shades, making it truly one of the classic jewellery pieces to own.

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A Range Of Rings

Rings offer you a diverse range to pick according to your budget, and at the same time, lets you put on a show. You can opt for small, simple rings for a girl-next-door look, or those funky ones to showcase your rebellious side, or opt for statement jewellery like solitaires, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stone rings, emitting grace, elegance, clout, and class.

Different styles of rings serve different purposes, but having a few rings like a statement ring, and a couple of casual ones, will solve your purpose if you don’t like accessorizing too much.

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A Classic Piece Of Watch

Watches, like some of the other pieces of jewellery, are a fabulous investment in terms of style, elegance, and poise. Brands like Cartier, Omega, and Rolex are timeless pieces, and having a collection or even a single piece is an excellent addition to your jewellery selection.

If you are low on budget, you will still have an array of decent options to choose from, depending on your style and budget.

Watches are multifunctional in terms of utility and for aesthetical purposes. Always decent and in style, investing in a good watch will help you dress up graciously without accessorizing too much.

Anything Pearly

Pearls can make you look elegant and a bit casual at the same time, depending on how you choose to wear your snowy trinkets. You can stow away your diamonds for more significant events and use your pearl studs regularly. Pair your studs with a pearl necklace and don the most classic jewellery ensemble there is.

You can choose the combination according to your event, for instance, pearl earrings are good to go for your entire day as they make you look decent, elegant, casual and low-key at the same time. If you want to make your look more lady-like, throw in your strings too. Just wear it with your staple black dress or anything, and you are good to go for your luncheons, job interviews, get-togethers, etc.

Pearls can be worn both formally and casually, thereby making it a good investment.

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A Long Neckpiece

Necklaces come in a variety of forms like chains, lariats, beaded strings, and opera necklaces, etc. therefore, you need to have some of these in your jewellery box to add vibrant colours to your collection. Depending on your taste and the type of event, you can stock your selection, for instance, opera necklaces are worn to formal events, and are quite attractive and handy, on top of that, adding vibrancy and freshness to your attire. So, based on the types, and your routine, you can collect a few neckpieces to help you tread through your day, smoothly.

Apart from complementing most kind of outfits, a long necklace gives you a lean appearance as well, elongating your torso, making it an entire win-win for ladies.

A Pendant

Not all the time you want to accessorize, and look prim and proper in your perfect ensemble, some days are casual, where you just like being in your raw self, and pendants are handy for those days. You can easily don these neckpieces, and adorn any kind of ensemble you want. You can also layer them with your long necklaces, in any suitable combination.

They go well with jeans, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, etc. Pendants are like our staple black dress, great with everything, and can be worn the entire day, to your workplace or an evening outing with friends.

You can hoard a massive variety, or a few, depending on your choice and budget, and you are good to go for the day.

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Danglers And Hoops

If you are short on time, and bracelets and neckpieces are a little too loud for you, danglers and hoops might be your saviours, jewellery pieces every woman should own. Danglers and hoops are very common and almost a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. You can wear them with anything (jeans, skirts, shorts) like the little gold hoops or the big silver ones, match them with anything traditional (without the need of any other piece of jewellery) like long danglers. So, depending on your choice, you can collect a variety or a couple of them, and they will never fail to awe you.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are elegant, iconic, and timeless. For over a century, they have been one of the most popular jewellery around. Celebrities, from time to time, can be spotted wearing these eternity bracelets, emitting style and elegance.

You can wear these bracelets all day long, or for any special occasion, and since diamonds go with everything, investing in a tennis bracelet is a win-win, as you can flaunt it with both traditional and western outfit, bearing the same grace and elegance.

You can also hoard a few other bracelets like a cuff, stackable, bangle, or charm bracelet for a more casual and funky look, and keep your tennis bracelet for a more refined and polished garb.

Jewellery is a woman’s most loyal friend. What cars are to men, jewellery is to most women. All of us have our prized collection, but some pieces of jewellery are absolute essentiality, for they are timeless. Investing in them is a win-win, as you can wear them all day long with all kinds of garb.

At Avarta, we boast of an extensive collection of authentic jewellery designed, to give the best to our esteemed patrons. We strive to make your purchase a happy experience, and your collection of jewellery a timeless selection, in its purest essence.

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