What are the Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

You might, at some time, have pondered over the ROI (Return on Investment) of your jewellery.
Is it just for aesthetics?
Or are those expensive trinkets serving a better purpose?
Well, to your delight, they are.

Diamonds were marketed as a lifetime investment for a long time and are in use accordingly.
Gold, as we all know, makes for one of the most favoured investments by all.

And we all, at some point, have heard of certain crystals and gemstones having abundant therapeutic and healing properties, be it moonstone, amethyst, turquoise or rose quartz.
But it is silver that outshines them all.

Apart from being one of the most abundant elements, silver makes for one of the most significant frontrunners when it comes to having therapeutic properties and multiple uses. The benefits of buying silver jewellery are many, and apart from this, silver is also used for multiple purposes like as coins, in electrical appliances, industrial applications, personalised gifts, silverware, etc.

Enumerated below are the health benefits of silver jewellery

1. As An Antimicrobial Agent

Well-documented for its antimicrobial properties, wearing silver will help you ward off infections. It’s the positively charged ions of the silver that serve the purpose known to kill, bacteria, certain viruses, and fungi, etc. So, apart from being aesthetically pleasing, your silver jewellery keeps you in the pink of your health too, one of the most important reasons as to why you should buy silver jewellery.

2. Great For Your Mental Balance

Yes, you read that right. There are specific types of jewellery available that help you fight anxiety and mental stress, for instance, spinner rings, puzzle rings, etc. Spinner rings have an outer band attached to the ring that spins freely. You can simply continue spinning the ring to have a calming effect on the mind, wherever you are. Thin-lined rings are another type of therapeutic silver jewellery for both men and women; it has beads on top for rolling, again, shown to be extremely peaceful for the mind. Puzzle rings are used too, they are quite comforting, once the user becomes good at opening and closing them.

3. Protects Us From Electromagnetic Radiations

Silver helps prevent electromagnetic radiations from entering our body by creating a conductive field around. It has a property to interact with the conductivity of your skin, keeping it safe from the radiations. So, the next time when you are working on your gadgets, show a little gratitude to your ring, bracelet or chain for keeping you safe.

4. Good For People Suffering From Arthritis

Wearing silver jewellery can prove to be really helpful for people suffering from arthritis, as it helps fight hyperextension in the joints, commonly seen in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. There have been different researches to show that wearing silver helps cure pain in the joints, and it also helps in preventing the contraction of any chronic condition. Wearing those specially designed trinkets also help in restoring stability and motion in the inflamed joints. So, people who have arthritis, wearing those specific rings might help you considerably, in getting better.

5. It Promotes General Well-Being

Benefits of silver jewellery are many, apart from making you look graceful and elegant. It promotes general well-being in the body, i.e., it aids in the repairing of skin, helps in the regulation and optimal circulation of the body heat, helps in keeping the mind focused and calm, keeps your mood and energy level balanced, etc. It also helps in healing the wounds, balancing the temperature of the body, and improves blood circulation in the body. It also plays an important role in the general healing of the body and formation of the bone by augmenting the elasticity of blood vessels.

6. Keeps You Safe From Toxic Substances

Silver helps you keep away from toxic substances, i.e., when in contact, it reacts and changes colour. Wearing silver jewellery will also give you a heads up about the toxin levels in your body. For instance, if you have increased levels of sodium in your body, the metal will change colour to blue, letting you know that you need to regulate the intake of salt. Therefore, buying silver jewellery might be a very good option for people suffering from hypertension.

Can Silver Be Worn Every Day?

Yes, you can wear your little trinkets every day, and for most of the time. However, to keep them safe, try avoiding harsh chemicals like perfume, cleaning agents, saltwater, sulphur, chlorine, etc., and harsh sunlight as well.

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It is best when you wear your jewellery during meditation, or any another spiritual practice (for a calming effect), during the physical workout (to enhance the energy flow in your body) like yoga, floor workout, tai chi, etc. Apart from this, silver can be worn for all the benefits mentioned above. Also, in the case of excessive travelling, excessive use of gadgets, when in cramped spaces, etc., it is advisable to wear silver jewellery, as it will protect your body from excessive germs and radiations. It will also work on your general well-being by improving your immunity and keeping you energetic and comfortable.

Is Wearing Silver Good For Health?

Wearing silver has numerous benefits targeting the well-being of your body and minds both, as demonstrated above.

Why You Should Buy Silver Jewellery?

Apart from having numerous benefits like being aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to wear, inexpensive as compared to other metals and precious stones, highly fashionable, and safe to wear during travelling, etc., silver has various benefits aiding in the general well-being of body and mind.

Connected to the moon, the metal has a soothing effect on the wearer, giving a sense of coolness, and peace. These numerous benefits are a gentle reminder as to why you should have silver jewellery in your wardrobe. Silver jewellery makes for a fabulous gift for your loved ones, as it is easy on the pocket and therapeutically beneficial for the wearer.

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