List of Traditional & Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Around the world, a wedding symbolizes the relationship of love and respect. And in most regions marriage ceremonies enlighten in age-old practice, followed by a religious custom and values ideology.

Traditionally, there wasn’t a term like ‘Anniversary’ but today, most people loved to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Basically, the idea behind it was to strengthen and remember the relationship together bestow. Without a gift, the anniversary is like colorless paper – no magic, no love, and no happiness. A very few percentages of people (around the globe) know the basics or significance of wedding anniversary gifts.

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If you want to know the meaning behind each gift or are looking for some wedding anniversary gift ideas – I must say you won’t be disappointed reading this blog. Here’s the full list of traditional and modern wedding anniversary gifts by year, with their meaning and significance. And the best bet is you would rather find the best anniversary gifts inspiration in this blog. Read to last…!

Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year

1st Anniversary

Your first anniversary is the pillar of the rest of the anniversary. Also, it is a time to look back on the first chapter of your lives (enriching the experience) start planning how you want to fill the rest of your book of love.

Traditional Gift: Paper – Handsomely the 1st year calls for a paper themed gift. Nurture fragile characteristics it’s a clean sheet to create new memories and paint your lives how you want.

Modern Gift: Clock or Watch – Many modern love birds celebrate their 1st anniversary by giving a clock or watch (time gadget) to represent the passing of time.

2nd Anniversary

Coming to the 2nd anniversary most couples think like cotton. I mean they want to expand their love trinity as strong and flexible as cotton does.

Traditional Gift: Cotton – As symbolize the fraction of interconnected as time goes on and learn to be more flexible, Cotton’s woven threads are an excellent cotton themed anniversary gift.

Modern Gift: China – Well renowned used to craft beautiful and functional household items.

3rd Anniversary

Your cubic anniversary experience may differ from other past two years of anniversary. Practically, you would both protect each other from external problems coming from outside your marriage.

Traditional Gift: Leather – It engrosses shelter and security characteristics. Thus leather believed as a quality durable material that protects from the elements. A snazzy leather suitcase or a designer leather bag is a perfect traditional gift.

Modern Gift: Crystal Or Glass – Why? As it signifies both reflect light and beauty,

4th Anniversary

Wow! Four years, wonderful and it’s the time of that stage where your marriage has really started to blossom and ripen.

Traditional Gift: Flower or Fruits – Gifting flowers or ripe fruit is an appropriate gift.

Modern Gift: Appliances – Giving an electrical appliance that will come in handy around the house.

5th Anniversary

The fifth anniversary is seen as growth, wisdom, and time like a tree standing firmly in the wind, after five years of sharing the ups and downs.

Traditional Gift: Wood – A art craft specially made from wood would be a pleasant gift for your fifth anniversary.

Modern Gift: Silverware – In today’s world, many couples try to purchasing beautiful, practical silverware.

10th Anniversary

The ten year wedding anniversary gift isn’t something wood or flower, at this point, you craze about doing something great or trying to make your marriage a decade of experience.

Traditional Gift: Tin Or Aluminium – Tin or Aluminum doesn’t rust or crackdown, it remains par all weather condition, just like your marriage after a decade together.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewellery – Unlike making your 10th anniversary special with tin or aluminum, you could probably make your marriage as beautiful as a piece of diamond jewelry.

15th Anniversary

Fifteenth years of being together sound like cake-piece, sweet, and delicious. There is full transparency in your marriage at this point like a ‘Crystal’ Sharpe and Pure Clear.

Tradition Gift: Crystal – The age-old marriage couples show their testimony of being together for 15 years gifting crystal things as it represents clarity and transparency.

Modern Gift: Watches – Signifies the voyage of time and spent those lovely times together plus all the ones you’ll share in the future.

20th Anniversary

Passing another decade together while sharing and remembering all the ups and downs, care for others, and jubilee happiness. Most think of giving elegant and beautiful gifts.

Tradition Gift: China – You can think of a China-themed anniversary gift as demonstrate beautiful, elegant, and sober.

Modern Gift: Platinum – Platinium is lustrous by nature and a symbol of achievement, durability, and true love stick it out through thick and thin as you get after 20 years.

25st Anniversary

A quarter-mile away to make your fifty! It’s like a great achievement – I mean nonetheless. Demonstrate the height of love and care put together in the past 25 years.

Tradition & Modern Gift: Silver – Spending a quarter of a century together is worth comparing to silver precious and valuable metal.

30th Anniversary

30th is my favorite number and I sure the 30th anniversary is more than just a best-loved number. At this point in time, you lost in the imagination and dreaming beautiful memories you spent in 30 years.

Tradition Gift: Pearl – Pearls are known for their beauty and could be the perfect gift to celebrate with beautiful pearl based rings or bangles.

Modern Gift: Jade – In many cultures across the global jade is a symbol of longevity, good luck, wealth, and wisdom.

Looking for more, here this table consists of a detailed anniversary gift idea by years…!

Years of Anniversary      Model Gifts      Traditional Gifts      Color

1                                             Clocks                     Paper                Yellow

2                                             China                      Cotton               Red

3                                             Glass                       Leather            White

4                                         Appliances                   Silk                  Green

5                                           Silverware                 Wood               Pink

6                                             Wood                       Candy            White

7                                          Desk Sets                  Copper          Off-White

8                                        Lace; Linen                  Salt                Bronze

9                                         Leather                      Pottery          Terracotta

10                              Diamond Jewellery    Tin & Aluminum   Blue; Silver

11                                    Accessories                      Steel                Turquoise

12                                      Pearls                              Silk                 Oyster-White

13                              Furs; Textiles                        Lace                   White

14                             Gold Jewellery               Elephant or Ivory     Ivory

15                                  Watches                            Crystal                   Red

16                               Silverware                                –                      Peridot

17                                Funiture                                   –                    Carnelian

18                               Porcelain                                  –                      Cat’s Eye

19                                 Bronze                                    –                    Aquamarine

20                             Platinum                             China               White, Emerald

21                               Nickel                                  Brass                     Iolite

22                              Copper                                Spinel

23                            Silver Plate                     Imperial Topaz

24                     Musical Instruments                 Opal                     Lavender

25                              Silver                                       –                     Silver Jewelry

26                            Pictures                                     –                            Nil

27                          Sculptures                                   –                            Nil

28                           Orchids                                       –                      Tourmaline

29                         Furniture                                      –                           Nil

30                         Diamond                                    Pearl                   Green

35                           Jade                                           Coral                   Coral

40                           Ruby                                             –                        Ruby

45                         Sapphire                                         –                     Sapphire

50                           Gold                                              –                        Gold

55                        Emerald                                           –                 Alexandrite

60                       Diamond                                          –                   Diamond

Should You Buy Traditional or Modern-Themed Gifts?

Generally, in the initial not many long periods of wedded life, the gifts picked would be of a pragmatic sort, while later on in their marriage, more sumptuous presents would be offered once the conjugal home was completely prepared and set up.

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Traditional gifts are not recorded consistently after the twentieth year of marriage, while the modern list subtleties a subject for every year up to the 30th conjugal year.

In the end, I personally recommend you to go with both the option, compare, and judge the best as per the need. I hope this blog helpful for you, thanks for reading.