Jewellery Design to Gift on Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. And so the time begins for preparations associated with this fun festivity. One of the most important, being, looking out for gifts for the family, and friends, the preparation of which starts well before, for the right reasons. Because as much as it is fun, it requires a lot of brainstorming too, finding the right gifts for your loved ones.

One idea of a gift to make this magical festival all the more endearing is gifting jewellery to your loved ones. Buying jewellery for occasions is nothing new. It has been around from ages and will continue to do so. What better to add to the glitter of the Christmas baubles than to get your little sparkly trinkets, for your loved ones? Some tips on why gifting jewellery for Christmas is a good idea.

Why Does Jewellery Make For A Perfect Christmas Present?

  • It can be gifted to anyone irrespective of age and gender.
  • You can get it engraved, customizing the gift as needed.
  • It is timeless.
  • Can be passed down as a family heirloom.
  • Gifting jewellery has a sentimental value attached to it.
  • It makes for a good investment.
  • It can show how valued the relationship is for you, considering the effort you put in terms of time and money.

In this article, we list down jewellery gift ideas for Christmas, to make this festival all the more glittery for you.

1. Tennis Bracelets-

Beautiful and elegant, tennis bracelet is a perfect pick for people who like keeping it classy. It can be worn throughout the day or for any specific occasion, an apt gift of diamond jewellery for Christmas. The diamonds should be white and not yellow. Make sure the diamonds look clean and sparkly, for a genuine purchase. You can also go for a bar bracelet, equally graceful, with a lesser number of diamonds.


2. Pearl Jewellery-

You have plenty of options when it comes to pearl jewellery that is from pearl jewellery set to just necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Pearls are elegant and classy and can be gifted to women of all ages. You also have multiple options in terms of colour (white, black, pink, peach, golden, etc.), type (freshwater, Tahitian, Akoya), and size etc.

Pearl Jewellery

3. Solitaires-

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No matter the age, there is nothing like being gifted diamond jewellery. The diamond shapes like round, princess, oval, etc., are better over step cuts like an emerald. You can also go for cubic zirconia; if budget is an issue.


4. DIY Jewellery-

If you want to make the experience of Christmas more personal, you can gift handmade jewellery to your loved ones. There are plenty of DIY videos available on the internet, to help make beautiful, colourful jewellery (pendants, bracelet, anklet, earrings, etc.) wrapped in Christmassy feel. You will need materials like beads, needle, thread, pliers, wire cutter, etc.

DIY Jewellery

5. Watch-

Perfect for anyone, irrespective of the age and gender, watches are one of the safest gifts. You can explore a diverse range, according to your type and budget. When you go to select your piece, keep in mind a few factors like watch movement, material, features, etc., for a decent choice of gift. And of course, the personality of the person you are buying it for, to make it a perfect pick.


6. Tie Accents-

When it comes to gifting jewellery to men, there are not many options. And then, there are those not open to experimenting too, making tie accessories a perfect jewellery gift for Christmas. You have multiple options to choose from, like, tie chains, clips, bar, tacks, etc. You can also select your choice of material like gold, silver, plastic etc., according to the personality of the receiver.

7. Jacket Earrings-

Fun to add to your earring collection, these earrings will totally up to your game in accessorizing. Designed to lend an extra sparkle to your studs, you have an ocean of options to choose from when it comes to jacket earrings. That is, in terms of metals and design, and of course, according to your budget. Suitable for both men and women, they make for a perfect Christmas jewellery gift.

8. Choker-

Chokers have been back in trend from some time, and for the right reasons. They are fashionable, sporty, elegant, and graceful, depending on the pattern that you choose. You can pair it up with other long necklaces or keep it single. Options available in these necklaces range from gold, silver, pearl, diamond, precious stones choker to velvet, black, tattoo, leather, etc., giving you a range of options to choose from, according to the personality of the receiver and your budget.


9. Customised Jewellery-

Gifting jewellery is as it is special, but what better than if you could customise your gift, making it an entirely personal experience for the both of you. You can select your design, or design a piece of jewellery, like the setting, stone, pattern, etc. as you like, and we will make that jewellery for you. You can let us know your ideal design, and our jewellery designers will design the way you want. Apart from designing, you can also get your jewellery engraved to make it more personal. Engravings can be anything from a personalized message, a significant date, their initials, etc.

Customized Jewellery

10. Cocktail Rings-

A beautiful statement ring is another piece of jewellery that would make for a perfect jewellery gift idea for Christmas. These rings are unique and bold in design and a larger. You can either go for an oversized gemstone or particular motifs when picking out a finger-ring. Statement rings are a complete gift in their own, accentuating the style quotient of the wearer.

Cocktail Ring

11. Wearable Gadgets-

Wearable gadgets are another apt gift that you can give to your loved ones this festive season. Not all people are fond of jewellery and technology gadgets serve a better purpose in terms of everyday utility. It can be a perfect gift for people who are a little tech-savvy and would be of regular use to them. You can go for gadgets like fitness bands, smartwatch, eye gear, GPS shoes, smart ring, etc.

12. Gold And Diamond Bangles-

You can gift diamond bangles to your loved ones this Christmas. It can be a perfect everyday accessory, accentuating the grace and elegance of the wearer. You can wear the bangles for a casual outing with your friends, or over anything traditional. The bangles are a perfect diamond jewellery gift for Christmas, for your loved ones.

Gold & Diamond Bangle Pair

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13. Rose Gold Bands For A Couple-

Decent and elegant, you can give these rose gold bands to couples as a Christmas gift. You can wear it as an everyday accessory over all kinds of attire. These simple bands are graceful and minimalistic enough to be adorned every day for both men and women. These similar bands are perfect Christmas gifts for couples.

Rose Gold Couple Love Bands

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Christmas is a festival of beautiful glittery decorations, get together, fun and frolic. It is a festival of showering your loved ones with gifts, showcasing your affection and togetherness.

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