From Proceed to Checkout: Here’s What You Can Do If Your Product Doesn’t Deliver!

When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on our portal, you launch thousands of technology that can automate the order-to-delivery process in a sequential-define path.

At Avarta Jewellery, we follow a functional, proactive, and convenient methodology for the product delivery process aim to make it secure successfully and reliable.

Since our inception till now, we build solitaire trust among Jaipur based customers and delivered over 10k+ happy customers with an average of 4.0 rating in overall. Being a trustable Jaipur-based, BIS-certified Jewellery firm we never take a pause or do unethical practice that results in bad consequences or any bleach.

In every stage of the online shopping process, we extempore our intellectual and experience that indulges as a result of the successful delivery and makes you smile by having your products fairly-delivered (with no-cheats).

In case you have any doubts in your mind related to product delivery or unconventionally thinking about whether my product will be safely delivered or not.

Then, let us say “you are totally safe and secure to order your most elegant piece of jewelry from our portal and your products will be surely delivered to your given location in-time”.

However, in the event of an uncertain circumstance, if anyhow your product doesn’t get delivered to your location or seems taking a long-time, you (consumers) have the rights to take the following course of actions:

You have the right to request for money back/return or refund

You could do in two-ways:-


(i) In order to safeguard the shopping experience we integrate with the ‘RazorPay’ payment interface. You can write here your query and may get a solution according to their policies.

(ii) Simply write to us and share the below details –

  • An amount that got debited.
  • The email id you would’ve used to place the order.
  • Approximate time at which the amount was debited.
  • Write us on [email protected]


You may also plea to consumer court


You can file a complaint into your nearby consumer court along with the proof of order and can get in return a satisfactory solution.

Begin Happy Shopping!

Avarta Jewellery always trying to handsomely yield and increase the customer experience when you visit our website every time, to ensure you that, we readily do every great practice which is ethical and customer-centric.

Begin your happy shopping with us without “if” and “but” caution…!