How To Find Perfect Ring Size for My Ring

Finding correct ring size is a mess for all customers or even companies. Ecommerce companies bears huge loss due to this as this is the main reason for return from the customers for Rings.
But if we follow some steps correctly, we can easily find our ring size, perfectly. Yes perfectly. There are some methods for finding the ring size by taking printouts, holding a ribbing and bending it over finger note down the mm and compare with some images like that. Most common is taking a printout of ring sizer on a A4 paper and place existing ring on circles made on it. This is the easiest method you may have to find your ring size. But problem is, customers don’t have printer at their home. So how can we do that as all methods that are looking easier to find ring size is useless without printer. So How can we do that? How can we find Ring Size without printer? Yes Still you can.
Let’s consider some scenario –
1) You already ordered a ring and that is little bigger or smaller. Just a little bit. Then your size will be just 1 number either bigger or smaller. Simple.
2) Most Easiest method – If you have a Ring that fits in your finger perfectly, then you can find ring size very easily.
See images below –

Place your existing ring like shown on a Scale/Ruler (All households have an scale or easily arrangeable)

Place Your Existing Ring As Shown

Now Compare Inner Diameter You Get From Previous Image

Form 2 images above We got that in first Image we got 17 mm inner Diameter of a ring. For That Specific Ring, Ring Size is 6.5 US

Now You can easily Shop for your favorite Ring.

*At Avarta Jewellery We have mentioned US Ring Sizes all over website.