CZ vs. Swarovski vs. Moissanite vs. Diamond | Jewelry Guide

If you have a minute and looked into the history of diamonds, you will be surprised to know that the earliest diamonds were found in India in the 4th century BC. Since then and now the anticipation and ideology being utilized and called in production for economic development, martial status, society bias creation, and others. 

There is a great saying ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ and there are supportive statements that fully prove it real. For instance, the real diamond is very expensive, and hardly a large portion of society cannot afford it, recognized and used in engagement wedding. 

Also, recently, Meghan Markle’s three-stone diamond engagement ring from Harry weighs approximately 6 carats and is estimated to cost upwards of $350,000.

Truly, the transcend roots of Diamonds is undying and at very much hard to transpose. 

But, seen from a different perspective and converse, there are competitive of Diamonds came across so far that sets unique place in the global market as well as changes person perpetually. The ‘Cubic Zirconia’ is widely known as CZ, ‘Swarovski Crystal’ is believed to be as most affordable compared to Diamond, ‘Moissanite’ is a rare mineral found naturally are the three utmost alternatives to Diamond Jewellery

In this blog, we have derived a comprehensive comparison battle between Diamond and these renowned gems to find which one is best and good for buying Diamond jewelry for eventual purpose. 

Diamond vs Moissanite 

Like Diamond found naturally and deep-side on the Earth, similarly, Moissanite is another diamond substitute which is a rare mineral that hinges naturally in small quantities. 

Although jewelry made with Moissanite processed artificially. It’s made from Silicon Carbide which means it’s able to withstand high temperatures and is very hard with a Mohs scale reading of 9.25 while real diamond has 10 on the same scale. 

Diamond vs Moissanite

But, there aren’t a large number of a manufacturer of Moissanite, there a are few – Forever One, Supernova, and Charles and Colvard’s are the Iconic manufacturer of Moissanite. Charles and Colvard was the only maker of moissanite since they held the patent.

Compared to Diamond – Moissanite is an Ethical Choice, Moissanite Sparkles More Than Diamonds, and Moissanite Is Cheaper in Price Than Diamonds which made some folks love to buy Moissanite Jewellery. 

Diamond vs Swarovski Crystal 

Swarovski Crystal by name it’s clear that it isn’t a natural gemstone to be found. In fact, it’s also not a crystal it’s a form of glass that endeavors to high temperature in order to make 80% to 90% similar to another gemstone. 

It comprises of glue of Diamond cuts and shapes even color reflection too because of the artificial process. 

It is made when a glass forge at high temperature by melting silicon oxide powders with lead. In the middle of cycles, it contains 32% lead substance to expand the gems refraction record to take after that of a jewel. 

Diamond vs Swarovski Crystal

To acquire that precious stone like impact, the gem glass is exactness cut and afterward cleaned again that convey the gem an excellent completion.

In many countries, people love to buy Swarovski crystals-made jewelry due to its cost-effectiveness compared to a diamond and constant clarity and brilliance to them.

Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia 

Today’s era is less is more with CZ jewellery. CZ was first discovered in 1899 but the man-made (artificially made) CZ came first and prioritized into production for use in jewelry. 

Since then, CZ made from zirconium dioxide a different material than diamonds has been the most loved jewelry to buy in 2020. As Cubic Zirconia doesn’t forge and processed with any high gemstone so the cost is very cheap and budgeted, thus people buy in large dense. 

Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia

Contrasted with Diamond, it has a gravity of somewhere in the range of 5.6 and 6.0 which implies it’s 1.6 occasions the heaviness of a precious stone. It has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, a refraction list of 2.176, and dispersive intensity of 0.060, which implies that it’s not as hard as a precious stone.

In addition to this, it is less sparky but has prismatic fire characteristics that lead to the display of more color sparkles within the gem. Moreover, it has less hardness scored 8.0 compared to the other two gemstones (natural and artificial) which means CZ required more care is important due to brittle than diamonds and susceptible to wear and tear such as chipping and scratches over time.

Final Words

We all agreed that Diamond has a great ethnicity in our life and for society also nerve for the economy and marital status. With this information mentioned here, you’ll exactly come to know what you’re purchasing, and while visiting a Diamond jewellery shop this would actually help you a lot.

The guide is arranged in a logical manner with detailed aspect will also help you understand their identical philosophy and characteristics. Overall, by reading this blog you will be an educated buyer also means you’ll know quality brands to opt for.