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Prepaid Payment and Cash on Delivery: Which One Is Better?

In a calendar year, 30% of Indian shoppers marrow cheated or entrapped into fraudulent cases and it can be in any form ranging from ‘order undelivered’ to the ‘receive damaged product’. And you will be surprised to know that more than half of these cases occurred when shoppers opt for the ‘Cash on Delivery’ method. […]

From Proceed to Checkout: Here’s What You Can Do If Your Product Doesn’t Deliver!

When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on our portal, you launch thousands of technology that can automate the order-to-delivery process in a sequential-define path. At Avarta Jewellery, we follow a functional, proactive, and convenient methodology for the product delivery process aim to make it secure successfully and reliable. Since our inception till now, […]