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Guidelines To Ensure A Safe Purchase Of Engagement Ring Online

Diamond engagement rings are the heart of both bride and groom. Diamond rings have some zinc in their idiosyncrasy that made millions of people buy only diamond kind rings in different shapes, styles, and cuts. Diamond rings got popular since they ruled the market and today the market is oversaturated. Often, not every woman or […]

24K vs 22K vs 18K – Major Differences, Pros, and Cons | Gold Purity Guide

Gold is a transition metal, carrying malleable and ductile elements and a single gram can be beaten into a one square meter sheet of gold leaf. Gold characteristics making it popular and around the world, it has superior demand and expensive though varying in karat. What is Karat? Generally, karat is the term used to […]

How to Check Your Gold Jewellery for Purity? Complete Guide

India is the second-biggest consumer of gold in the world after China. The vintage heritage and cultural practices of gold in our country made people significantly buy gold. Buying gold carries many benefits for people throughout life, for instance, they can easily apply for a loan from banks. In human life, yellow-metal played an essential […]