Your Guide to Choosing Jewellery Based on Your Skin Tone

How do we end up with our precious trinkets?

Factors are many.

Sometimes it is the need to collect certain stones and metals.

Sometimes you see your friend flaunting a piece making you buy one.

Sometimes it is passed to us as a family heirloom.

Some people buy it for the dual purpose of aesthetics and investment.

And in rest of the cases, you see something, you like it and you buy.

Irrespective of the means, the end product always becomes a cherished possession for us. But has it ever happened to you that a certain piece looked great in the store lights but not so radiant when you tried later? Or that when your friend was wearing one, it looked much more graceful than how it is now?

Well, the reason might be something very close to your eyes, your skin tone. Just like your make up is something specific to you, keeping in mind your skin colour and texture, so can be your jewellery. Jewellery sits closest to the skin, and therefore, serves as a wonderful contrast to the undertones of your skin.

In this article, we list down factors that will help you in choosing jewellery based on your skin tone. That is, jewellery for warm skin tone, dark skin tones, etc., to make the experience of buying, the most satiating one.

Understanding skin tones

Skin tone and complexion (shade of the skin- light, dark) are two different things. Skin tone, also called the undertone, remains the same throughout. It is the complexion that changes due to external factors. Therefore, no matter how much sunlight you are exposed to, or if your skin gets pale in certain seasons, your undertone remains the same.

Knowing your skin tone can help you in multiple ways. In finding the right metals and gemstones, choosing your hair colour, finding the right lipstick and even the colours you should wear to accentuate your features.

Types of skin tone

There are three types of skin tone.

  1. Cool skin tone
  2. Warm skin tone
  3. Neutral skin tone

How to determine the skin tone?

  1. Through the veins on your wrists-

Stand in natural sunlight and observe the veins on your wrists. You will find-

  • Warm skin tones- If the veins appear to be green in colour.
  • Cool skin tone- If the veins appear to be blue or purple in colour.
  • Neutral skin tone- If the veins appear to be both green and blue, leaning towards each other.

2. Through the colour of your eyes-

1) Warm skin tone-
You have brown, honey brown, hazel coloured eyes.
2) Cool skin tone-
Your eye colour is light (blue, green, pale brown).

3. Through the way your skin reacts to sunlight-

1) Warm skin tone-
You skin tans easy but doesn’t burn, when exposed to sun for long (more melanin in the skin).
2) Cool skin tone- Your skin burns easily rather than tanning, when exposed to sun for long (lesser melanin count). People with dark and tanned skin fall under this category.
3) Neutral skin tone- You skin can get either burnt or tanned depending on the part exposed.

Matching metals with the skin tones

Now, we come to the most important part, as to what metal will go with the particular undertones. Not that you should not wear other metals, but the matching metal will further accentuate your features, making you glitter all the more.

Cool skin tone- People with cool skin tones tend to have reddish and bluish undertones. The jewellery that will best suit these skin tones are generally light metals like silver, white gold, platinum, etc.

Warm skin tone- People with warm skin tones tend to have golden and yellowish undertones. Such people will look their best in metals that are warmer aesthetically like yellow gold, copper, brass, rose gold, etc.

Neutral skin tone- You are in luck if you are in this category. Since neutral tones are balanced tones between both the sides, you can easily flaunt all kinds of metals, be it white or yellow.

Matching gemstones with the skin tones

Just like metals, gemstones have their categories too, working differently on different undertones. Let’s match the gemstones along with the metals to give your jewellery piece a more coherent look.

Cool skin tone- This skin tone will go best with red coloured gemstones (ruby, tourmaline, garnet, etc), blue stones (sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, etc), and purple gemstones (amethyst, sapphire, and fluorite, etc).

Warm skin tone- This skin tone will go best with yellow or gold coloured gemstones (citrine, brown zircon, yellow diamond, and sapphire etc), green stones (peridot, jade, emerald, etc), orange stones (spessartite garnet, moonstone, imperial topaz, etc).

Neutral skin tones- Again, since you are a mix of both the undertones, you can choose from any metal and gemstone. All will look equally flattering on you.

Matching pearls with the skin tones-

A lot of us are fond of pearls, but are not aware of the intricacies. Pearls come in three different shades i.e., white pearls, silver tinted pearls and rose tinted pearls. And yes, they too, like their other friends, look great on certain skin tones.

Cool skin tones- This skin tone goes best with white and rose tinted pearls.

Warm skin tones- This skin tone goes best with silver tinted pearls, however, you can also go for white pearls, flaunting with equal grace.

Neutral skin tones- You are free to flaunt all kinds of pearls there are.

Still, unsure?

Go for diamonds.

Diamonds are forever, and for right reasons. You can never go wrong when you choose diamond jewellery as your piece of jewellery, no matter the gender, colour, undertones, face cut, and all the other factors.

Also, rose gold has become one of the popular choices today, and to everyone’s delight, just like diamonds, the metal sits perfectly with both the skin tones. So, if you like vintage, or if you are a little feminine, when it comes to your pieces, this metal might prove to be a perfect pick for you.

That being said, more than any other factor, it is the glitter of your eyes and the sparkling smile that will make your pieces shines brighter. If you like something, and are confident about it, nothing can go wrong with your attire. As jewellery is all about making you feel unique and distinctive, each piece with its different story.

Keeping your inclinations and needs in mind, we at Avarta jewellery, boast of an extensive collection for all skin tones. You can browse through our extensive collection at Avarta Jewellery.