Why Should I Start to Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Just like everything else in our life, we categorize jewellery too. It’s a statement piece, too casual to be worn to that event, not masculine enough to be worn by a man, etc. We have all the categories, and it doesn’t stop just there, based on the jewellery we categorize people, too. Hence the phrase; born with a silver spoon.

Diamonds were marketed as forever, for every girl.

Gold makes for one of the best investments in jewellery.

Precious stones like Kundan and Polki emanate a regal sense, radiating class and elegance.

Pearls are for traditional kind of people.

But what about one of the most abundant metals of all, silver?

Silver is on both sides of the spectrum, and for obvious reasons. It is regarded by some as expensive and some as cheap when compared to other metals. But for those who do not know, silver isn’t around just for aesthetical purposes, i.e., to enhance your beauty, it has tremendous other benefits. You get everything from everyday jewellery to statement pieces, from mind-blowing variety to a plethora of health benefits.

In this article, we will talk about why you should have sterling silver jewellery in your collection. Before that, let us know what sterling silver is? It is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (generally copper) by weight. Pure silver is very soft, thus making it a poor choice for everyday usage. The addition of copper helps make the silver strong.

Just make sure that you buy authentic sterling silver jewellery, be it from a store or online. Listed below are seven reasons to start buying sterling silver jewellery-

1. It Is There To Stay

If taken care of properly, your sterling silver jewellery is there to stay with you, and with the same sparkle that it had forty years ago. Sounds beautiful, right? Addition of copper makes silver strong, thus adding durability to your piece of jewellery. Sterling silver is expensive, if bought from an authentic jewellery store, the extra amount for the lasting quality of your trinket. This property of durability might even end up making your precious jewellery-a family treasure, ready to be passed on.

Before buying make sure to look for authenticity, i.e., your jewellery will have the numbers “925”, imprinted in the back or inside the piece, the stamp indicating that it is indeed 92.5% silver.

2. You Can Build A Vast Collection Of Jewellery In No Time

The 925 sterling silver can help you build a new collection or add to the existing one, in no time. This metal goes well with other metals, and different looks, making it one of the most easy-to-go-with jewellery. If you want certain accessories to complement your statement pieces or are looking for statement pieces, sterling silver is an apt fit for both the categories. It is not as expensive as other metals, but precious enough that designers keep investing in this metal to cast their creative designs.

3. It Never Goes Out Of Style

Sterling silver jewellery will always keep you snazzy and trendy because the metal never goes out of style. The designs might change, but investing in the right kind of jewellery will let you have pieces that will completely transcend time and trends, and at a reasonable cost. It might not seem feasible always to have to spend every time the trend changes, which happens frequently. So, sterling silver makes for a good choice in building a decent collection without fearing for the current trends.

4. It Will Keep You Healthy And Allergy-Free

We all know about the health benefits of wearing sterling silver jewellery. Apart from its hypoallergenic property, i.e., unlike brass, nickel, and other base metals, wearing silver won’t cause any allergy or rash to the skin, making it skin-friendly. Apart from that silver has numerous benefits like it aids in wound healing, blood and heat circulation across the body, defends our body from electromagnetic radiations, boosts energy, calms down anxiety and stress levels in the body, and improves our overall health. These numerous health benefits make investing in sterling silver jewellery a smart choice, as the metal is both aesthetically pleasing and a great friend to its wearer.

5. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Easy To Maintain

Some people shy away from the jewellery owing to its tarnishing property, but it is equally easy to clean. You can wear sterling silver every day due to its ability to cope well from any elemental exposure. Also, wearing the jewellery frequently will help keep it clean as the body oils secreted by the skin will prevent tarnishing of the metal. And therefore, you will not have to worry too much about your jewellery getting dirty. Also, cleaning the jewellery is very easy and hassle-free; you can try methods like soap and water, baking soda with water, or with varnish and cloth, etc. Sterling silver jewellery is easy to maintain as it’s doesn’t require many efforts in keeping it clean and shining.

6. It Is Handy, Versatile And All-Purpose Jewellery

No matter the occasion, you can wear silver jewellery with equal grace, be it for an outing with friends, office meetings, a luncheon, or over a traditional outfit. More often than not, you will find that you can flaunt that one piece on different occasions, as well. Also, silver as metal goes well with other metals, so you don’t have to worry about the metal clashing in your ensemble.  For instance, you can easily blend your silver jewellery with white gold or platinum jewellery to create a unique and different look.

7. Limitless Options For Every Type

There is a whole world of jewellery in silver, being one of the most abundant metals, and owing to its malleability and softness, silver is easy to experiment with, by jewellers, and that means there is a hoard of designs. So, no matter what you are looking for, i.e., whether you a ring person or an earring person, you will have an assortment of collection available.

Investing in the sterling silver jewellery is a complete win, as silver always is in trend owing to its compatibility with other metals. So from plain rings and casual bracelets, to statement pieces, you will find plenty of designs in everything. It is affordable, trendy, and goes well with everything. With silver jewellery, you can flaunt a sophisticated ensemble and a casual look, with similar grace.

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