The Engagement Ring Trends Set To Take Over In 2021

Thinking to buy an engagement ring? Wait! Don’t be in hurry? You will love to see these 2021 top charts engagement rings, quickly take a sneak-peak at the beginning of the year – the hottest engagement ring trends for 2021 you can shop.

The engagement rings trends for 2021 are rich and varied, adapting to innovation and societal changes quicker and better even before. The cutting edge ring design is creating a ripple effect was limelight in the 2020 and this year it would go more classy and obsessed with other engagement rings trends set to take over perfectly.

The people who might think of buying engagement rings this year can look into the sneak-peak at the hottest engagement ring trends for 2021.

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In case you are going to engage with someone and looking for a trending engagement rings collection or thinking to gift to your loved ones, this blog has straightforwardly mentioned both trends towards depth and reality and also preoccupy your interest in buying engagement rings.

Rings being always the prior jewel choice for women, in fact, every year we witness shopping for diamond rings, especially a round-cut white diamond for a center stone.

In 2021, you ain’t just limited to diamond rings, there are versatile and magnificent engagement ring designs awaiting you to replenish.

Let’s dig into the classic lustrous engagement rings trends…!

#1. Emerald Rings

2021 is the year of ‘Emerald’ in all kinds of ways and Why not? Combining with aquamarine and morganite variety and its strength and durability of gemstone characteristics being the first renowned choice for engagement rings shoppers to consider most desirable emerald colors are bluish-green to pure green.

Even, Emeralds are associated with serenity and new beginnings which means it is the perfect gift for your wedding happening or engagement event.

Gold Emerald Diamond Ring

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#2. Blue Engagement Rings

The yellow and green rings have been hottie for a while now, engagement rings in 2021 are all about seeing more than these ones while you spin yourself in ‘something blue’. 2021, time to charm your engagement heavenly with blue engagement rings from aqua gemstones to rich royal blue ones. Blue color diamond associated rings are about fun and gorge yourself in 2021.

To make this truly beyond expectation, choose a shade of blue and setting that speaks to your personal style—the choices are endless.

Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Shop for: Avarta Jewellery 18k Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

#3. Two-Stone Rings

Whatsoever, one is never enough to satisfy the collateral demand of people, especially when it is the engagement ring. So, we bring the dual stone ring design and this is going to be big, big, big in 2021.

“Two stone engagement rings are also called ‘Toi et Moi’ rings, meaning ‘you and me’ in French. Also, it symbolizes two souls becoming one!

Sterling Silver Ring

Shop for: Avarta Jewellery Sterling Silver Ring

#4. Three-Stone Rings

In the last couple of months, we have noticed a growing demand for three-stone rings, as purely combine the thrice elegance of the gemstone, this year many people witness and crave to shop for three stone engagement rings.

Three-stone rings keep hitting the trends charts and why not? Massively beautiful, resembling thee different stone use for multiuse, multipurpose, and widely stylish. But, there a significantly low number of manufacturers of three-stone rings, thus, precisely expensive.

18k Navratna Ring

Shop for: Avarta 18k Navratna Ring

#5. Vintage Engagement Rings

There is a saying “Old is Gold” alternatively What’s old is always new again. For decades, vintage rings are as beloved as ever and for sure will remain softly forever.

Vintage rings associate and famine transition design, and now accustomed to modern art and glue. It could be the solitaire purchase of shopping estate jewelry or opting for a new design with a vintage-inspired setting.

Sterling Silver Synthetic Pearl Ring

Shop for: Avarta Sterling Silver Synthetic Pearl Ring

#6. Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose-Cut Diamond – highly well-liked, shiny, transparent, and expensive – you name it, in 2021 it will be presented. Oozing luxury and quality, Diamond has that star presence that never ever fails and with the pure and clear rose cut design, it is undead.

These jewels offer a classical look and keeping in mind that they can look less splendid than other precious stone cuts, their level bottoms make the stone look bigger than its genuine carat weight.

18k Rose Gold ring

Shop for: Avarta Jewellery 18k Rose Gold Ring

#7. Sustainable Engagement Rings

These rings are ethical and conflict-free engagement rings thus get’s their name. Generally, these rings have spiked in popularity in past as well as this year tend to.

As they made with transparent perception and conflict-free methods and are sold at a lesser price, these rings are the heart of millions of people.

Significantly, it has lower-middle buyers in bulk, especially in India. As these rings comprise the eco-friendly method, thus can be recycled with added tons of shapes and ideas.

92.5 Sterling Silver Sustainable Ring

Shop for: Avarta Jewellery 92.5 Sterling Silver Sustainable Ring

#8. Alexandrite

Unlike emerald and blue-stone rings, Alexandrite is the newer engagement ring we heard about this year. Alexandrite is a gorgeous gemstone ranging from purple and fuchsia to green, blue, and even orange that’s making a name for itself in the engagement ringworld.

Moreover, these are exceptional from diamond and other gemstones as embrace change colors based on how the light hits them. In simple words, it’ll be a popular option for this proposal season.

Alexandrite Ring

In The End

These top engagement rings trends for 2021 will certainly get you talking, frankly, shoppers will take more time to decide what to buy? These engagement rings give you a spark to compete and inspiration to go with or push against the flow.

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The competition is seamlessly incredible in the jewelry industry, this year we witness these top ones may possibly witness next year with more and exceptionally different ones, never predictable. But, what predictable here is that for sure you can jazz your wardrobe with these stunning top-rated engagement rings trends in 2021.