Reasons to Buy Gold Jewellery

Investing in gold funds or buying gold jewellery are two smarter reasons consider by people (investors/entrepreneur and household) that significantly protect them in time of inflation and indigence; and of course, both are apparently different from their own perspective eye.

Today in this blog you will be reading the top 10 nugget reasons to buy gold along with the advantage of buying gold jewellery. In case you don’t know about why should buying or investing in gold, reading this informative blog will encounter several questions.

Gold Jewellery: Current Scenario

‘Gold, jewellery sales go digital amid coronavirus pandemic’

Most retailers in India and across the outside of the origin rationally taking their gold trading business in continuation via online sales with the new technologies to offer virtual jewelry trial through augmented reality and video calls with store staff amid the pandemic.

These new tactics prevailing in the current atmosphere resulting in shopowner providing a whole experience to their customer in terms of buying and educating about the product and put together.

Ahammed MP, chairman of Malabar Gold & Diamonds is one of the prominent examples of this whole scenario, the company believes jewellery retail should have a touch-and-feel aspect. But, owing to lockdown phases, sure, the technological intervention in jewellery retail proves to be helpful as all our customers are not in a position to visit our stores.

Thus, all these circumstances made gold a ‘digital gold in demand’ in 2020. Investment in digital gold is something that comes out brilliantly and major people have shown more interest in digital gold buying during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Advantages of Buying Gold Jewellery

For decades, gold is magnificently known as an input in products, hedge against inflation, and signify both wealth and status. In India, especially for mid-range households earners buying gold jewelry always work as financial security, besides, bought to be adorned. Luckily there are many other benefits of Investing in Gold Jewelry such as easily converted into cash (liquidity), gold is shiny and it does not rust (natural characteristics), and even uses in the manufacture of electronics.

Buying Gold As An Investment

Many people buying gold with one mindset that this precious metal someday saves us from crises. But, it’s just a common human perception that tends with the gold buying process. Besides this, gold plays a devastating role in various verticals. In the technology field, the manufacture uses gold for its special properties. Very high luster, tarnish resistance, ability to be drawn into wires, desirable yellow color, hammered into sheets or cast into shapes, are some of its features.

In addition to gold jewelry is a good investment, in times of an impending crisis, influences many people to run to the stocks exchange to buy gold as the safest investment.

Benefits of Gold Investment

The characteristics of gold and investment made on it cover the full spectrum life of the people. However, gold has a rich history of culture, society, and economy. Gold does not lose its monetary value as paper money does in a period of time. Comparing gold with stocks, gold also does not incur the risk of losing its worth because gold is a metal (that we all know) has an intrinsic value and has a salable worth in terms of cash.

So far, we come to know that Gold is significantly used for two mainstream purpose – (i) making gold jewelry and (ii) investment cause savior in crises which could be (economical, cultural, and societal)

Perhaps there are more valid reasons to invest in Gold…! Keep reading 🙂

10 Reasons To Buy Gold As Jewellery and Investment

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy gold today.

#1. Gold costs increment consistently after some time

One of the foremost and finest reason to invest or approach to buy gold is that its salable price that increases as speedy over time. So, investors and individuals blindly invest in gold for making surplus money in the long run.

#2. Gold is an expansion support

In the salvage of inflation hedge, not many people can afford gold products mainly gold jewelry but everyone tries harder for some reason. As the cost of living increases, fiat currency loses value. Thus, gold’s overwhelming ballooning catch the investors keep gold to offset inflation rates.

#3. There’s an expanding interest in gold

Gold is count in the precious and lustrous metal that has eternal characteristics that cause for continuous increase in the demand every year. Did you know India and China make up 50% of the annual demand for gold? Also, it’s traditional special property solely succor in gold’s demand and growth.

#4. Gold gracefully is restricted

Gold acronym of god’s gift i.e. natural precious metal is nowadays rare to discover and mining costs are increasing. Gold is unlike paper currency which can be printed. This means less gold supply every year; coupled with rising demand.

#5. Gold is a place of refuge

In most cases ‘gold considered as a safe haven accord’ because it holds its value during geopolitical crises (such as war, trade tensions, and political conflict). Most people keep stock of gold as a sort of wealth insurance during a geographical crisis.

#6. National banks and governments store gold stores

Do you know? Central banks are one of the highest net buyers of gold. Because of gold’s natural safe haven property governments and banks see gold as both a commodity and currency – as a standard and medium of exchange.

#7. Gold is conversely connected to the USD

Commonly known that Gold has an inverse relationship with the US dollar. As dollar prices certainly change every day and whenever the dollar price falls, gold gains in value. And, thus the reason behind gold price every day inflates (ups and downs) in India.

#8. Gold is an interesting resource class

Gold is not the private property of anyone! The commodity or individual who pays it worth becomes the owner hence entitled to ownership. You can trade or sell your gold bars, coins, or jewelry anywhere you are around the world.

#9. Portfolio Diversification

We know that gold can be used for many diversification purposes and has a wider portfolio in the real world. It means that choosing an investment that results in less compensation. Thus, that is why financial advisors recommend that you hold at least 5-10% of your investments in gold

#10. Gold is a reasonable resource

Gold directly indicates you to invest a high amount but did you know that you don’t have to have a lot of money to own gold. Seriously, it’s true. Since the time gold price has fallen, many individuals owing to investing in gold for fashion accessories and financial security.

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