How to pick the perfect place for your Wedding Proposal?

All of us have certain milestones in our lives, events that remain etched in our memories forever. Marriage is one such occurrence. And then there are those fortunate ones who have the pleasure of finding love for them. A love that strong, that it becomes a commitment for a lifetime. Once you know the thrill of starting the beautiful journey kicks in and enter your perfect wedding proposal, in the picture.

There are a lot of things you would want to be taken care of, to make that day worth remembering for your partner. And choosing the right location comes on top, after picking the perfect engagement ring, of course. The apt backdrop will make the proposal picture-perfect for that time, and for the many years to come. 

Figuring the location might become a little daunting, so in this article, we give you some ideas that might help you in reaching the right spot for both of you. The options are many, famous vacation spots, sentimental places, swanky restaurants, parks, stadiums, etc., practically anything one can think of if the locations hold some value.

1. Where you both met for the first time

Nothing can be more beautiful for the other person than to know that their timeline was cherished this way. Celebrating at the place where you first met would be sort of completing the circle of your relationship. You can recreate that first encounter and how it became the forever of your life. It will be a beautiful celebration for your partner, knowing that the first encounter was significant enough to be remembered.

2. Your favorite vacation place-

Planning a surprise trip to their favorite destination is another wonderful way to plan your proposal. Be it around the beach or amidst mountains, a hot air balloon, or on a yacht, on a road trip, or doing something adventurous, you have plenty of options to plan your perfect proposal, on a location you both would cherish. And there will be a beautiful story waiting to get back home as a souvenir, for all your life.

1. Amidst nature-

There are many of us who prefer the comfort of nature above everything else. If your partner is a natural person, choosing a location amidst Mother Nature would be perfect. You can plan anything from kayaking to hiking to some breathtaking cliff. If she is a water person, you can pick a spot around beaches, waterfalls, lakes, etc. Nature has endless breathtaking options to offer, to make your day as magical as it can be. From lush green forests to northern lights, from towering cliffs and canyons to picturesque stretches, etc., the list goes on. You can also plan the time of the day and the season like if your partner likes snowfall or a sunny day or would prefer twilight over daytime, etc.

2. Where you first declared your love to each other-

You could have found your mate anywhere, at work, school, college, party, etc. and it might not be feasible, every time, to return to that place. But the place where you first confessed your feelings to each other could be another story altogether. Returning to the place where the journey first began would be something worth reminiscing for the two of you. It will again mean coming full circle in your relationship story cherishing, which would mean the world to your partner.

3. Your partner’s dream wedding venue-

Most of us start planning very soon for the major milestones of our lives, including the wedding. The wedding trousseau, people we would be inviting, the venue, mapping out and improvising goes on till the time you say ‘I do’. If your partner is one of those people, and have it all mapped out, popping the question there can become very romantic, and what better place to go to for a yes, than your ‘I DO’ location.

4. In the warmth of home sweet home-

Remember that proposal in friends or any of your other favorite shows? There is nothing that can beat the thrill of a wedding proposal this personal, right from the inception to the execution. You can make your partner a mixtape, decorate the place all you want, and invite family and friends too, as per your comfort. And the best part, you get to relive the beautiful memories every day, living in the same place.

5. Your partner’s favorite go-to place-

It could be their favorite dine-in, opera, ballet, concert, game, local pub, the theatre, or any secluded hillside. Wherever you know that your partner enjoys the most, could be a perfect pick for the proposal surprise. They wouldn’t be expecting this life-altering surprise awaiting them, making the place all the more beautiful in their memory. You could also keep in mind the time of the day, for planning the perfect proposal.

6. Where your partner grew up-

Childhood is one of the most endearing phases for everyone for a reason. You were the rawest, and most carefree you could ever be. You might not have had any role to play in those memories, but they certainly are one of the most precious to your beloved. If you want to pull off the surprise element, you could plan the proposal in their ancestral home, or summer house, to sweep them off their feet. It will bring alive a beautiful phase of their life, adding all the more to the joy.

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Planning a perfect wedding proposal involves a lot of things. And you would want to get every bit right. From choosing the right engagement ring to finding the right spot, everything gets a lot of brainstorming to make it all picture-perfect. You might want to keep in mind hiring a professional photographer too, to capture those candid pictures. And drafting a proposal speech would be handy as well, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything worth saying. If the planning gets too much to do, you can also take the help of professional agencies, and you can sit back and enjoy it too, along with your partner.

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