Avarta Jewellery

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With Over 4 Years in Jewellery Business, Avarta Jewellery Now Becomes The Pioneer Player In Jewellery Industry. Having Its Soul Based of Jaipur, Which Is International Hub In Jewellery Industry, Gives Excellent Quality Jewellery In Cheaper or Affordable Price.

Avarta Jewellery was Founded By Mr. Aakash Vijay With a Vision of a Jewellery Company That Pioneers In All Segments Of Jewellery Market. Wether it’s Manufacturing, Exports or Retailing. Deliver always Best Quality Products.

Avarta Jewellery Founder, Mr. Aakash Vijay, is Digital Marketing Expert, MBA, An IT Professional, Real Estate, Builder & Developer.

Avarta Jewellery Has One & Only One Vision. To Be The Best Online Jewellery Retailing Company In India.

Avarta Jewellery Has A Team of Best Industry Leading Professionals In Jewellery Designing, Cad Designing, Have Best Camming 3d Printers etc., Industries Best Jewellery Making Karigars.

We Believe In Best Quality Products Served Via Best Quality Service.

If We Says, The Best & Affordable then We Are Sure About That, That You Will Not Find Cheaper Jewellery Of Same Anywhere.